Driven Racing CSK019306 Oil GP 1 Synthetic Blend 10W 30 Twelve Quart
GP-1 Synthetic Blend 10W-20 Back of the bottles

GP-1 Synthetic 10w-30 Engine Oil


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Perfect for performance street vehicles, classic cars, imports, and competition/race engines

requiring a 10W-30 viscosity. GP-1 is compatible with Methanol, E85, and high octane race fuel. Blended with genuine Pennsylvania Grade base oil, GP-1 achieves a higher Pressure-Viscosity Coefficient for excellent HTHS film thickness. GP-1 delivers maximum engine protection by utilizing Drivens High Zinc (ZDDP) additive technology. Designed for all high performance builds, ideally street-track performance vehicles with either flat tappet, roller, or overhead cam engines. Viscosity typical of 10W-30.


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12, 6, 1, 4 gal, Drum