Driven Racing Oil PK03706 BR40 Conventional 10w 40 Break In Oil Twelve Quart Bottles
BR40 Conventional 10w-40 Break-In Oil - 54 Gal. Drum
Driven Racing Oil 03706 BR40 Conventional 10w 40 Break In Oil 1 Back of the bottle

BR40 Conventional 10w-40 Break In Engine Oil


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The same high Zinc and Phosphorus formula as our original break-in oil,

Now in 10W-40 viscosity. Well suited for classic muscle car, European sports car and motorcycle engines. Ideal for flat tappet and aggressive roller valve trains, as well as Ethanol blended, pure Methanol and oxygenated race fuels. Does not require additional ZDDP additives. Good for dyno testing, one night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street. Viscosity typical of 10W-40.


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  • Higher / Correct Level of ZDDP to provide protection during initial engine start-up and proper Camshaft & Lifter Break In (Flat Tappet, Roller, Solid, Hydraulic,)
  • Multi-Viscosity for better flow to provide faster lubrication at start up.
  • GP-1 Pennsylvania Grade Mineral Base Oil combined with High Shear Stable Polymer provide excellent ring seal for more efficient Break In.
  • Low Detergent formulation
  • Formulated specifically for Break In – NO ADDITIONAL ADDITIVES SHOULD BE USED.

Recommended and used by Top Engine Builders.


What is Break In Oil?
Break In oils are essential to the long life of your newly rebuilt or crate engine. Driven Break In Oils are specifically formulated to protect new camshafts, lifters, pistons & cylinders and engine rotating assemblies from the initial wear that occurs during the first start up. Driven Break in oils are formulated to promote the final “wear in” of the new engine parts. Driven Break In Oils are formulated just for Break In and offer improvement over the Straight Weight, Monograde Non Detergent Oils of the past typically used for Break in.


How to Use
For best results, use this product for the first 30 mins of initial engine start up, drain and install a new filter. Then add New fresh DRIVEN GP-1 Conventional Break-In Motor Oil 20w-50 and run for 300-400 miles until the engine achieves break in. It is recommended you purchase enough break in oil for TWO oil changes. EXAMPLE your engine needs 6 quarts to fill, so purchase 12 quarts break in oil.

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