Brake & Parts Cleaner - 14 oz. Can
Driven Racing Oil Brake Cleaner 14oz. Can
Driven Racing Oil Brake Cleaner 14oz. Can

Brake Cleaner 14oz. Can


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Quickly Removes Oil, Grease, & Residue Without Leaving A Film


Powerful & quick cleaning performance makes Driven Brake & Parts Cleaner a must for every shop and toolbox. Non-chlorinated formula prevents chemical etching that can lead to part fractures. Dries quickly and does not leave an oily film. Meets all United States VOC requirements.

  • Quickly Removes Brake Fluid, Grease, Oil & Other Contaminants from Brake Lining & Drums
  • Quickly Cuts Through Grease & Grime, but it Does Not Leave an Oily Film
  • Fast-Drying Formula Gets the Job Done While Using Less Spray Compared to Watered Down Cleaners
  • Non-Chlorinated – NHRA Legal
  • Excellent General Parts Cleaner

ARTICLE:     All Chevy Performance