Driven Racing Oil 04106 FR50 5W 50 Synthetic Street Performance Motor Oil Quart
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FR50 Synthetic 5W-50 Engine Oil


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  • Formulated for Modified High Performance Coyote Engines. Great Track Day Motor Oil!
  • Advanced synthetic formula provides improved cold start protection, lower volatility and increased high temperature high shear protection.
  • Higher levels of Zinc (ZDDP) deliver proper anti-wear protection for high output engines and aggressive valve train designs. Not for use with engines equipped with Catalytic Converters.
  • BOOSTED WITH MOLY: Molybdenum works synergistically with ZDDP to reduce friction and wear in your engine. Molybdenum provides enhanced protection and performance when the vehicle is on the track.


FR50 utilizes next generation synthetic oil technology to provide unmatched performance and protection in high temperature, high shear environments. FR50 provides the required viscosity for Ford Coyote oiling and variable valve timing systems while delivering the wear protection needed for performance cams. It also utilizes a low volatility formula that guards against oil vaporization and foaming. Eliminating this problem reduces oil consumption and prevents inconsistent cam phaser system performance. Ideal for crate up to supercharged Ford Coyote engines. Viscosity typical of 5W-50.

Not every performance engine lives in a race car. In fact, modern high performance street engines place demands on a motor oil that a true racing oil is not formulated to meet such as Idling, Ethanol fuels and extended periods of storage. These factors can cause corrosive wear problems that racing oils are not equipped to solve. Engines like these need oil that can protect on the road, on the track and in the garage.

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