HR4 10W-30 Synthetic Hot Rod
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HR-4 Synthetic 10w-30 Hot Rod Engine Oil


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Great for small block crate engines.

Features storage protection additives that guard against rust and corrosion during winter storage. 10W Multi-grade formula provides excellent start-up protection for flat tappet, overhead and roller cam engines.

No ZDDP or additives required. Viscosity typical of 10W-30.


  • Formulated specifically for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and Classics.
  • Synthetic formulation offers increased flow during colder startups and High Temperature protection encountered during longer trips or High idle time at crowded cruse ins, car shows and Rod Runs. (Driven HR Series Oils are also available in a Mineral/Conventional formula.
  • High/ Correct level of ZDDP for Flat Tappet & Hydraulic Flat Tappet camshafts. Do not use any additives.
  • Specialized detergency for maximum engine cleanliness. Great for High Mileage Engines!
  • Formulated to protect internal engine parts from rust and corrosion that can result from occasional driving or seasonal storage.
  • Winter Storage Ready with no need for additional storage additives.

Modern engine designs and oils have done a great job of reducing emissions and protecting emissions control equipment. However, modern oils have wreaked havoc on older engines. The reduction of emissions in modern cars has coincided with a reduction in traditional anti-wear additives (i.e. ZDDP) in modern oils, and that is bad news for your flat tappet camshaft.

The Driven HR Series Engine Oils deliver the chemistry that classic cars, muscle cars and historic cars need. Because these cars are not daily drivers, Driven Hot Rod Oil also delivers storage protection additives to guard your engine from rust and corrosion. Developed specifically for older cars, no other oil provides this unique combination of lubricant chemistry.

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